Support Forum

The support forum can be accessed here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com
There you will find sub forums available for ...
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Support (Questions, problems, workarounds)
  • Wishlist (use this if you would like to tell us your suggestions)

For all of the above mentioned forums you will have to register if you would like to post a question, otherwise the forum is read-only.

License key lost / Reactivation

There are two different ways to recover a license key, depending on the date when you have made your purchase.

a) if you bought your license key before August 22nd, 2014:
Please send an email to support@aivlasoft.com. The email must contain your name and - what is more important - the email that you have used when you purchased the key. If you have the order number ready, it should also be mentioned in your email.

b) if you bought your license key at or after August 22nd, 2014:
Go to the support site of cleverbridge (which is our reseller since the above mentioned date). There you must enter the email address which you used for your purchase and then you get an overview of all orders processed under that email address.