MSFS Limitations

A few main features of EFBv2 are limited when using MSFS. Please read carefully the limitations described hereafter.


EFBv2 is only compatible with MSFS v1.12.13.0 (Feb 2021). Backwards compatibility is neither possible nor available. Due to the fact that MSFS is still under development, more recent versions of MSFS will be available in the future. We will test each of these new versions and as soon as we are satisfied with the outcome the version number here will be adjusted.

Ground Layout

Ground layouts are available in the EFB Database for each airport. However we cannot display tarmac layouts (Aprons), as due to the nature of the present MSFS Ground Polygon compilation this would enlarge the database by almost 100%. This would slow the database building process as well as the data transfer with the Client(s) to unbearable delays.


Weather cannot be read from the Simulator. To bypass this please select "Real Weather" as the weather provider. This can be done in the Client settings (tab 'Global').


AI Traffic is visible, but the definitions are not yet clear. We display what FSUIPC7 is supplying but there is no specific information available in the SDK. It can however still be activated/deactivated by the usual soft keys and/or option buttons.

Flight plan

Flight plan handling is similar to the well known default GPS Flight Plans in FSX/P3D. A flight plan can still be created externally by PFPX, SimBrief or similar. A flight plan can also be created using the EFBv2 functionality.  Once an EFBv2 flight plan has been created  DO NOT LOAD THIS FLIGHT PLAN FROM THE MSFS START SCREEN! The Flight Plan is created within EFB2 and then automatically transferred to the default GPS of the MSFS aircraft. Editing of the Flight Plan and adding SIDs, STARs and APPROACHES is possible in the usual way.  it must however be noted that the Flight Plan Display in the default NAV Displays of the MSFS aircraft is rather incomplete. At present no custom waypoints are displayed, as well as no procedures. However the ROUTING AS DISPLAYED IN THE EFB2 CLIENT WILL PROPERLY BE FOLLOWED IN GPS/NAV MODE.

Add-on Airports

Detecting of addon-airports is not always possible, therefore the 'circle around the asterisk' on the world map is not 100% reliable.

This is especially true for airports purchased via Marketplace Online Store. Most of these Add-On airports feature user-specific encrypted files instead of the usually 'open' BGLs. Encrypted files make it impossible to read the required ground layout information and therefore EFB cannot depict the ground chart of such an Add-On airport. If the data files are encrypted, only the default Ground Chart will be available.