Electronic Flight Bag v2

server Complete installation SERVER
Initial setup EFB v2 Server (
Win64 and Win32 operating systems)

pda Complete installation CLIENT
Initial setup EFB v2 Client (
Win64 and Win32 operating systems)

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User manuals
Please read the installation manual carefully before you run the installers.


Simulator type
Software version
Prepar3D v4.2 ff
1.1.14 / 2018, February 20th

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Prepar3D v2
Prepar3D v3
Prepar3D v4 to v4.1
1.0.13 / 2017, June 19th

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Important (1):
Both versions of SimpleCam, v1.0.13 and v1.1.14 can be installed side by side. However, this is only necessary if you have a mixed installation of the above listed simulators (e.g. FSX:SE and P3D v4.2, or P3D v3 and P3D v4.2).

Important (2):
If you upgrade from 1.0.13 to 1.1.14 and you no longer need the previous version 1.0.13, you can uninstall 1.0.13 before you run the installer for version 1.1.14.

If you uninstall the previous version but you would like to keep your program settings to be used with the new version, you may copy/paste the settings file to a save location and then, after the new version 1.1.14 has been successfully installed, copy/paste it back to the origin location. The settings file is located as follows: "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam\Settings.txt".

If you want to keep the camera settings for your aircraft, then you have to confirm the 1.0.13 uninstaller's question "Would you like to keep the aircraft specific camera settings?".
Old EFB v1 stuff ...

Complete Installer
EFB v1.6.16 (zip)








McDonnell Douglas

Please read the manual to get familiar with the import/export functionality. All files are zipped for download and must be unzipped before import!

The PDF files which have been used to create some of these checklists have been downloaded from the developers website. The download links are as follows:

  • PMDG (Precision Manuals Development Group)
  • Level-D (Level-D Simulations)

Airbus A320, created by Sario Haladjian
A2A Cessna C172, created by Abdulhai Zalloum
Beechcraft 1900D, created by Steve Prowse
Fokker F70/F100, created by Philipp Bauer
Boeing 717-200, created by Ian Kalter
Boeing 737-800, created by Rene Billiani
Boeing 737 NGX, created by D J A Moran
Boeing 777-200 LR, created by Nico
Bombardier CRJ700/900, created by Ian Kalter
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, created by Ian Kalter