Electronic Flight Bag v2

Aeronautical charts

The charts you need for your flight are
calculated and depicted on demand, based on your flight simulator's data files, combined with ARINC-424 based navigation data. Navigation data sources are from Aerosoft "NavDataPro", or Navigraph "FMS data". 
Cleared to land

Detailed and accurate charts providing you all the required information which lets you precisely fly the procedures. 
Flight planning and performing

There are several ways to create detailed routings for your flight. Routings may be changed interactively on the map and on the flight progress panel. Use the  'Direct-To' function to shorten the routing according to ATC directions. Seamless integration with the simulator's default GPS system. Flightlog is automatically saved as PDF and/or CSV file.
Crossing the pond

With EFB v2 it's easy to 'cross the pond'. All required information is presented to you.
Too low or too high ?

The Vertical Guidance helps you to accurately fly your aircraft down on the vertical path on non-precision approaches.
Never get lost on complex airports

You will never miss a taxiway again using these detailed ground charts. Combined with the Moving Map your aircraft's position is centered on the map just-in-time.
Climbing to cruise altitude

Retract flaps and follow the Departure route which is displayed with many details. 
Takeoff power set

There's a built-in interface to the famous TOPCAT application, which allows you to calculate the required takeoff and landing data from within EFBs user interface.
(This feature requires a local installation of TOPCAT on the same computer)
Weather information
Will it be rainy or sunny ?

The latest aviation weather information for flight planning is given to you through textual and visual decoded METAR and TAF data from several sources like ActiveSky, FSGRW, real world weather from NOAA.
Did we miss anything ?

Create your own interactive checklists which are in line with your company's SOPs.