Electronic Flight Bag

The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) replaces the traditional and cumbersome flight bag and its paperwork with a compact yet comprehensive digital format. No longer will you have to fiddle with many pieces of paper during your flight. Minimize paperwork in the cockpit and get faster access to data required for takeoffs and landings, enroute and even emergencies with our award winning Electronic Flight Bag solution.

Aeronautical charts

You don't have to collect, link and embed countless PDF files. The charts you need for your flight are calculated and depicted on demand, based on several data sources like flight simulator data and navigation data (SIDs, STARs, Approaches). As a result you will get detailed and accurate charts which let you precisely fly the required departure-, arrival- and approach procedures. The charts are automatically shown up as per the demand of the actual flight profile.
  • approach
  • arrival
  • enroute
  • airport
  • enroute night
  • 'Moving Map' functionality is available on all chart-types. If the 'Moving Map' is activated and an airport-ground chart is selected, the aircraft's heading always points to the top of the chart (heading up) while the chart is rotating. In combination with the taxiway-selector you never will miss again the right/commanded taxiway.
  • On every chart-type one can select from different objects to be depicted like VORs, NDBs, Aiports and more.
  • For night flights there is a special (darker) representation mode selectable.
  • On arrival- and departure charts select the procedure overview which shows the entry- and exit-waypoints of the different procedures.

AIRAC cycle

Currently EFB supports the navigation data providers Aerosoft NavDataPro and Navigraph FMS data. The full installation package (not the update) contains a complete and free AIRAC cycle from each of the providers mentioned before. Many thanks to Aerosoft and Navigraph for this generous gesture. So even if you are not a subscriber to either the Aerosoft NavDataPro or the Navigraph FMS data service, you are ready to start flying.

Current revisions of the navigation data may be purchased from

Route management

Routes may be created from several sources. Either creating a completely new route or getting the route description from the internet based service 'RouteFinder'. Reading a predefined FSX-route is just another way to get a route description. All routes (independent from which source they came) can be saved as FSX route and therefore they are immediately available at the FSX integrated GARMIN GPS system.
  • routesetup
  • routemodify

Progress / Flightlog

As soon as a route has been activated the EFB-system creates all the needed charts for this flight and makes them available in a flight phase oriented chronological sequence which is oriented on the typical route profile. The EFB-system automatically switches from one chart to the logically next chart thus the chart-type matches the current flight phase.

Depending on the current flightphase the corresponding checklists will be made available to you (see 'checklists').

Derived from the active route information the EFB-system creates the flightlog. The flightlog will be fulfilled automatically whenever the aircraft has passed a waypoint along your route or when other significant events like 'Takeoff' or 'Touchdown' happen. After the flight has been finished (engine out) the flightlog will be saved and is then available as pdf-file.
  • flightprofile
  • progress
  • flightlog

Weather data

The METAR module provides you textual decoded METAR information which can be taken from several sources. Version 1.5 (and higher) of EFB supports the following third-party weather add-ons:

  • ActiveSky
  • FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW)
  • FSrealWX
  • OpusFSX
  • REX (REX2, REX Essential, REX Essential Plus)
as well as ...
  • Simulator internal weather data
  • Real World Weather data from NOAA
  • metar

Flying 'online'

EFB allows IVAO and VATSIM users to view active controllers and regions as you plan and fly your route, and – in a feature unique to EFB – to provide pilots with a COM frequency strip that’s customized to your current flight and which prompts you to change to the correct frequency, on time.

And whether you fly with an online network, in a multiplayer session, or with one of the major AI traffic packages and ATC add-ons, EFB gives you the full view of your crowded airways and tarmacs. It’s like having a full-speed ADS-B connection right in your cockpit!
  • onlinefrequencyribbon
  • onlineenrouteoverview
  • onlineairborne


With the built-in checklist editor one can create own checklists for every aircraft type in the hangar. Before start flying you just have to select your preferred aircraft and the corresponding checklists are loaded into the flight bag.
  • checklist
  • checklistabnormal


The library module is to organize your documents. Simply copy and paste the needed files into a predefined folder and they are available within the EFB-system. Currently the following file types are supported: *.pdf, *.txt, *.rtf, *.htm, *.html.
  • librarydocument